Industrial Equipment

Taking on and solving problems.

The Diengcorp’s Team, as a direct and competent user of SIMULIA for its projects, is able to highlight in practical terms the advantageous implications that the software can generate for the businesses of potential customers in the Industrial Equipment sector.

Thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of use of the SIMULIA package by Dassault Systèmes, our team is able to cover a wide range of simulation analyzes that allow to cover the entire design flow typical of the Industrial Equipment environment and to support companies in the choice and implementation of the optimal SIMULIA solution.

ABAQUS for taking on and solving problems

The Diengcorp team is able to face and solve, through the structural roles of 3DEXPERIENCE® or ABAQUS, various problems typical of Structural Engineering such as: verification and certification of carpentry structures, analysis of complex metallic and non-metallic details, dynamic analysis of various kinds (modal, FRF, shock, seismic analysis ..).

Through the use of ABAQUS / EXPLICIT we face daily problems inherent in phenomena of strong geometric and material non-linearity, as well as impact problems, pressure vessels, failure prediction.

SIMPACK for model complex kinematic and dynamic systems

Particular importance for this sector is assumed by the Multibody SIMPACK package with which we are able to model complex kinematic and dynamic systems, formed by several bodies in reciprocal movement.

Our team, thanks to the great experience gained over the years, is responsible for identifying the SIMULIA solution that best suits the needs of companies, supporting them from the first steps to the complete management of complex analyzes, in a continuous and fruitful interaction to allow them to acquire the know-how necessary to continue independently.

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