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Why risk investing in additional resources to recruit new staff to your Engineering or R&D department, when you can outsource and gain a competitive advantage?

Thanks to outsourcing, your company can allocate time and money to improve and develop its core business; moreover, if iterations on the original product are required in line with emerging market needs, they will find the outsourcing panel ready to respond quickly to these changes as well.

Diengcorp was born from this perspective of complete and advanced service: now it’s up to you to exploit its potential!

Diengcorp is a concentrate of synergies and superior skills oriented to design in all its forms, from engineering, to product development, industrial automation up to the construction and marketing of CNC machines.


Ufficio Diengcorp

Here we are

Diengcorp is a concentrate of synergies and superior skills oriented to design in all its forms, from engineering, product development, industrial automation to the construction and marketing of CNC machines.

Relying on us in outsourcing means being guided and supported in the solution of any industrial problem, from the most sophisticated to everyday ones.
With Diengcorp you are in the best possible hands, successfully projected towards a future of satisfaction.

Trust our staff to receive more information.

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What we do

What we do

Diengcorp is made up of four young and dynamic realities, with a precise personality but perfectly integrated in a single, fully multidisciplinary body.
The high specialization and experience of the human capital allows to achieve top results, with flexible and rapid integrated responses, in full correspondence to the changing market needs.

Our crystal-clear reputation, gained in the field over 10 years of success, makes us the ideal partner and consultant for 360-degree innovative solutions.

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A Winning Project is the basis of every Great Result

Since 2011 we have been working every day to develop Winning Projects that combine multidisciplinary skills with ideas of value. Our goal is to create projects for your success.

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Multidisciplinary approach

Creating a winning design is only the first step for us to bring an idea from the concept to the finished product. Our experience in mechanical, electrical, materials and manufacturing engineering gives us the confidence to turn your ideas into reality.

Ideas first of all

We have excellent engineering skills but our ideas are the real added value for the improvement of your products and your productivity.
You will be assigned an Exclusive Project Manager, who will take care of you, as he will follow you throughout the project phase, taking care of managing time, costs and communications in the best possible way.

We are structured so that you get the best results in terms of quality and speed of development. A team with an excellent organization is the basis for the success of each project.

Thinking up full outsource engineering