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SATRES is our division specialized in CNC machines.


SATRES is our division specialized in CNC machines. We design high-tech machines that speed up processes by reducing production costs and offering fast and punctual Assistance Services.


Italian CNC machines builder

Satres develops CNC machines with high technological content and high performance to meet the most complex production needs of modern industry.

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Our team, moved by passion and motivation, develop milling machines that mill successfully metallic and non-metallic materials.

Our goal is to give cnc machine with high quality results and an extremely ease of use.

In addition to the “Catalog milling machines”, the Satres Team has also supported and supports its customers with special “tailor-made” machines developed specifically to solve particular problems with all the automation necessary to make production processes more efficient.

Macchine Satres

SATRES Machine

Satres machines are high-tech products that reduce production times and costs.
All Satres milling machines are characterized by the combination of high speed and precision; designed and built to give great results and be reliable and easy to use.

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Servizio Assistenza e Formazione

Assistance and Training Service

The Customer Service, fast and punctual, follows installed machines throughout their life.
Satres is able to provide different services that allow the customer to work reliably and efficiently.

You put the idea of the Product We bring the talented people, the best tools and a streamlined design process.

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