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Some feedback from our customers we have worked with over the years.

“The 3D printing prototypes were shown to end users with very good impressions. My company is satisfied with the project. The solutions adopted require investments but I am sure of the benefits. My impression is like that of looking at an advanced and complete household appliance. Dieng has developed a step by step project, in full harmony with our company and with our other suppliers; the project was done in a fully engaging way, always showing great attention to our observations and requests. The attention paid to every detail and the availability for technical discussion were important for the success of the project. “

Owner - Eng. S. F.

“Dieng’s contribution to product design was crucial and gave the product an excellent feeling on the part of the user.

The plastic injection technology guarantees very high production standards but requires a very significant design effort. DiEng supported us in this process, allowing us to achieve the set goals. “

Technical Department Manager - D. D.

“For our part, we have found in Dieng a very professional partner who is attentive to our requests and needs. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Thanks to this milling machine we have made it possible to automate the processing of 5-axis soles: with this new one technology we can help our customers to be more productive ”.

Owner - Mr. N.M.

“We wanted to outsource the entire design of the calender, while remaining up to date on the activities carried out and transferring our know-how in the crucial design decisions.

Dieng, thanks to his team of designers, has proposed a simple but effective solution.
The sizing of the calender rollers and pneumatic pressure organs was carried out by assisting the technical skills of the Dieng designers and the experience of our specialist technicians in the sector. “

Technical Department Manager - D. G.
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