Sector Transport

We support companies operating in the Naval and Railway sector, in Design and Certification.

The transport sector is constantly evolving, multiplying requests and increasing quality standards. To meet these needs, thanks to our skills and experience, we work in the Naval & Railway sector, mainly in the Design and Certification area.


What do we do

In the Naval sector, the various Divisions of DIENGCORP collaborate with important Italian shipyards and companies operating in the railway sector, carrying out the following activities:

  • Support for certifications (Machinery Directive, UNI EN 12663,…);
  • Design and Certification of custom lifting systems for the railway sector;
  • Simulation Activities (Structural Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Kinematics and Multibody);
  • Fluid dynamics analysis and optimization of marine vessels and propellers;
  • Support for the certification of structural modifications for large yachts;
  • Design of Diving Equipment, recovery of countermeasures and special equipment;
  • Naval Product Development;
  • Design and supply of special machinery to aid in the handling of components inside the boats;
  • Supply of CNC machines for the machining of components for the naval sector
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