Sector Aerospace

We offer a complete service, from engineering services to the creation of prototype systems and related certifications.

The Aerospace sector requires the deployment of in-depth skills in the various engineering sectors and the use of adequate tools, all for compliance with the quality and certification standards required by this sector, the minimum weight and cost minimization requirements. This sector requires the knowledge and use of suitable materials and related processing technologies. Thanks to the long and in-depth experience in this sector, we are able to offer a complete service, starting from engineering services up to the realization of prototype systems and related certifications.


What do we do

DIENGCORP, with its four Divisions, is active in the Aerospace Sector, collaborating with the most important companies in the sector, carrying out the following activities:

  • Design and supply of prototype systems;
  • Design and supply of test and production equipment;
  • Support for certifications;
  • Simulation Activities (Structural Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Kinematics and Multibody);
  • Aerospace Product Development, in small series;
  • Supply of CNC machines for the machining of components for the aeronautical sector;
  • Design and Implementation of Wind Tunnel Models and related interlocking systems (supports, probe positioners, …);
  • Support for the design of UAVs and RUAVs

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