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A wide range of simulation analyzes

The Diengcorp’s Team, as a direct and expert user of SIMULIA for its projects, is able to highlight in practical terms the advantageous implications that the software can generate for the businesses of potential customers in the Aerospace & Defence sectors.

SIMULIA for a wide range of simulation analyzes

Thanks to the Software tools of the Dassault Systèmes’s SIMULIA package, our team is able to perform a wide range of simulation analyzes that allow to cover the entire design flow typical of the Aerospace & Defence environment and to support companies in the choice and implementation of the optimal SIMULIA solution.

Whether it’s the use of structural roles within the innovative 3DEXPERIENCE® or the use of specific software such as ABAQUS, TOSCA STRUCTURE or FE-SAFE, we can face together and for the customer the classic applications in the Simulation field: GFEM ( Global Finite Element Model) and DFEM (Detail Finite Element Model), DTW Analysis (Design To Weigth), DTS Analysis (Design To Stiffness / Strength), Fatigue Analysis, Stress-Life or Strain-Life Evaluations and much more with the most competence and effectiveness.

The structural modeling capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE® and ABAQUS in the analysis of laminates in composite material, combined with the specialized technical expertise of our team in these scopes, allow us, when necessary, to tackle the typical problems of this field together with the customer, both with two-dimensional 2D and three-dimensional 3D approaches.

We take on new challenges every day to optimize design.

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TOSCA for structural optimizations typical of high-performance components

In the Aeronautics and Defence Sectors, even with the advent of new 3D printing technologies, the structural optimizations typical of high-performance components, DTW (Design To Weigth) or DTS (Design To Stiffness / Strength), have become essential. Thanks to our timely support and the potential of TOSCA STRUCTURE, can be exploited the optiomization algorithms‘s potentiality of topological, topographic and shape.

By using the FE-SAFE package, we face new challenges every day to optimize the design also from the point of view of Fatigue, Stress-Life or Strain-Life.

Our team, thanks to the great experience gained over the years, is responsible for identifying the SIMULIA solution that best suits the needs of companies, supporting them from the first steps up to the complete management of complex analysis, in a continuous and fruitful interaction to allow them to acquire the know-how necessary to continue independently.

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