Realistic simulation for naval engineering

Dassault Systèmes - Simulia

Naval sector

Naval structures usually operate in the most difficult environments on the planet.

Salt water, wide air and water temperature ranges (arctic cold to tropical heat), climate, rough seas and the occasional presence of floating obstacles such as blocks of ice place challenging requirements in the design of structures, the slightest error can have fatal consequences.

These requirements do not change, even if we are talking about a small fishing boat or a pleasure boat, a luxury cruise boat, a super-fast catamaran or a huge oil tanker. The important thing is to put in place an accurate work, regardless of the purpose of the boat. There is also a need for additional requirements, regarding the underwater explosion (UNDEX) for boats used in defense and national security applications. The vessels themselves are highly complex and contains a lot of multifunctional subsystems. Regarding safety, strength, reliability and durability it must always be measured in relation to weight, efficiency, environmental impact and costs. The effective use of realistic simulation is essential for the success of any design / development / evaluation process for naval systems.

The use of unified FEA tools is able to accelerate development cycles, keep budgets under control and test new projects, reducing the time and expense of destructive checks. The multidisciplinary framework of SIMULIA, with Abaqus Unified FEA as the engine for realistic simulation, enables the collaboration between various disciplines and functions necessary to reduce design cycles, optimize projects and reduce costs.

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