Engineering Consulting

DIENG is our division specialized in Engineering Consulting for reach excellent results.


DIENG is our division specialized in Engineering Consulting.
We support companies in the design phase of their machinery and products thanks to multidisciplinary skills and a winning team.

Progetto vincente

A Winning Project is a must for achieve your goals

Since 2011 we have been working every day for develop Winning Projects, using great ideas and a combination of multidisciplinary skills. Our goal is support your projects for your success.


    Have you ever tried a Multidisciplinary Approach?

    Develop a winning design is only the first step to bring an idea from the concept to the finished product. Our experience in mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineering gives us the confidence to turn your ideas into reality.


    first of all

    We have excellent engineering skills but our ideas are the real added value for the improvement of your products and your productivity.


    We never
    lose control

    You will be assigned an Exclusive Project Manager, he will follow you through the project phases, taking care of managing times, costs and communications in the best possible way.


    is strength

    You will have the best results in terms of quality and speed of development. A team with an excellent organization is a must for the success of each project.

    Progettazione Concettuale

    Conceptual design

    Among our Engineering Consulting services, the first is certainly the support to many companies in the design phase of their machinery or their products.

    The conceptual design of a new machinery or a new product is very important and affects different fields (Mechanical, Design, Electronic). Conceptual design is necessary to define the characteristics of the new systems and the main design guidelines. During this phase, our designers – in collaboration with the customer – develop conceptual 3d model that consider technical and economic constraints with the aim of identifying the simplest and most convenient solution.

    The Conceptual Design activities that our technicians usually develop for customers are:

    • Find the optimal solutions (both from a technical and economic point of view);
    • Definition of project guidelines;
    • Development of the Preliminary project.
    Progettazione meccanica

    Mechanical design

    We have been carrying out the mechanical design of machinery and products for many customer for years, using technitians able to carry out the complete design process from 3D to 2D construction drawings.

    See our projects call_made

    Creo Parametric, SolidEdge, Inventor, SolidWorks are the softwares that are used daily, but we can use the software you need.

    The design activities that we generally develop for our customers are:

    • Design of Industrial Machinery;
    • Definition and optimization of mechanical components;
    • Electromechanical Design;
    • Design of Components in Composite Material;
    • 2d technical drawings.

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    Simulazioni e analisi strutturali

    FEM analyzes

    We provide our experience and know-how in order to validate the projects before start with production. For FEM activities, our team uses the most efficient and modern software tools, such as the Simulia Suite by Dassault Systemes.

    The Simulation activities that we usually do for our customers are:

    • Linear and Non-linear Static Analysis (Also on Composite Materials);
    • Fatigue Analysis;
    • Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis;
    • Thermal Analysis;
    • Fluid Dynamics Analysis.
    Progettazione elettronica

    Electronic design

    We support customers with consulting services in the electronic sector, like digital signal processing and controls.

    In detail, we support our customers in the following areas:

    • Data acquisition systems;
    • Digital signal processing systems;
    • Control systems;
    • Software development.
    Industrial design

    Industrial design

    We believe that Design is an essential aspect of products. Therefore our design team is focused on improve aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and / or usability of the products. This activity improve the marketability of the products we design.

    The Industrial Design activities that we generally develop are:

    • Creation of style sketches in collaboration with design specialists;
    • Surface modeling on the basis of sketches or maquettes;
    • Design of components made of plastic;
    • High quality rendering starting from the 3D model.

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    Supporto ai reparti di produzione

    Support to the production departments

    From many years we have been supporting customers with design activities related to the production of mechanical components. All this thanks to the experience developed in the production sector. We support the mechanical production departments of various companies in all the aspects of cnc milling.

    The production support activities that we generally develop are:

    • Design of special equipment for production (manual or automatic);
    • Post Processor creation for CNC Machine (for the Creo Parametric cam module).
    Certificazione CE

    CE Certification

    We support many companies with Technical Consulting Services for the certification of products, special equipment or machinery.

    Usually this service is combined with FEM process, in order to have certification by analysis. We can support our customer in all the process of certification. The typical certification is usually the following:

    • Realization of the technical booklet;
    • Execution of the Structural Analysis and the Calculation Report;
    • Design and implementation of a manufacturing control system;
    • Audit of the Notified Body where required.

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    You put the idea of the Product We bring the talented people, the best tools and a streamlined design process.

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