Design and supply of special CNC machines and OEM machines

Industrial Automation

We develop various types of CNC machines for some companies in the sector.

Following the CAD project, thanks to our assembly and testing department, we take care of the procurement of all commercial and design components and then move on to the construction, assembly and finally the testing of special CNC machines for particular applications, developed ad hoc .

We also manufacture machines according to customer specifications to be supplied in OEM.

In detail, we deal with the design of Complete Multi-Axis CNC Machine for Metalworking starting from specification, Tilting table design and Rotary Tests for Metalworking starting from Specification and Designing Multi-Axis Machines for Polyurethane and Wood Processing starting from specification.

We also provide support for the mechanical design of numerical control machines – 3 – 4 and 5 axis milling machines for high-speed milling of metals, for wood and polyurethane.

Stages of work:

  • Concept and definition of general layout
  • Mechanical design
  • Development of the PLC and the graphic interface
  • Preparation of all the documentation necessary for CE certification
  • Supply of the First Prototype
  • Supply of the CNC machines.

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