Simulation solutions for the Aerospace and Defense sector

Dassault Systèmes - Simulia

Sector Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense sector is under increasing pressure to reduce production costs and increase production rates.

At the same time, programs are increasingly complex and an evolving workforce requires new mechanisms for transferring the appropriate knowledge.

SIMULIA solutions enable the Aerospace and Defense industry to overcome these complex challenges by providing accurate multi-scale and multiphysics simulation solutions. Using simulation in the early stages of design can help reduce development time, physical test costs and the risk of not meeting certification requirements.

Structural analyzes can be completed at multiple levels of model fidelity, with optimal load transmission. Multidisciplinary benchmarking can be performed during the concept phase to optimize a project based on a variety of requirements. Advanced aerodynamics capabilities allow the industry to expand the use of CFD from the center of the envelope diagram to exploration of the entire envelope diagram, reducing the cost of wind tunnel testing. The overall noise levels of new aircraft designs can be reliably simulated and these solutions lead the industry towards digital noise certification. Our complete electromagnetic solvers allow rapid prototyping of antennas and guarantee the reliability of all communication systems.

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